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Any time of year is good for St Julian’s holidays. The hottest months fall between the beginning of June and the end of August but, with an average of 3000 hours of sunshine a year, even a break in winter should see you enjoying some sunshine. December through to February are the coolest months, with the temperature hovering around15°C, but this is ideal for those who want just a bit of sunshine, with fewer crowds.


Families: Although there’s only one beach in the area, the waters are safe, shallow, and patrolled by lifeguards, making it ideal for little ones who want to splash about. On top of that, there are plenty of kid-friendly attractions close by, such as the Playmobil Fun Park and Factory.

Couples: With a stunning bay, sandy beach, romantic restaurants and some of the best sunsets in Europe, St Julian’s holidays are popular with honeymooners and couples who want a slice of the good life.

Adrenaline-junkies: While holidays to St Julian’s tend to focus on good weather, good food and a stunning backdrop, there are plenty of water sports to enjoy if you want to add some adrenaline to your break. From water-skiing to excellent scuba-diving and zipping about on a powerboat, there’s something for everyone.

FAST FACTS... The main language spoken across the island is Maltese. However, most of the locals and those working in hotels, bars and restaurants speak pretty good English too. Download a phrasebook app, if you want to give the local lingo a go.

Currency: You’ll need to exchange your Sterling for Euros on your holidays to St Julian’s.

Local time: St Julian's is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Malta International Airport. The transfer time to St Julian's is 30 minutes. 

Flight time from the UK: The flight time to St Julian's is 3 hours.

Tourist Information: Further tourist information can be found here.

Visa and Health: Before you fly, click here for advice and recommendations on   visas and health for your St Julian’s holidays.


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Buses: The old, yellow Maltese buses have been replaced with slick fleets of air-conditioned buses. Because the island’s so small, it’s easy to get around and with more than 80 bus routes across Malta, getting where you want to go is easy. Fares are cheap, making this a great option for those who want to see the sights on a budget.

By taxi: There are two types of taxi in Malta: white, official taxis and black, independent taxis. White taxis are allowed to pick up passengers from the roadside, while black cabs aren’t. As a result, the white ones can be more expensive, but they have to use their meters by law, so there’s no chance of being overcharged. Black cabs can be more fluid in their charging, but it is possible to grab a bargain if you haggle.

Ferry: If you fancy a bit of island-hopping on your holidays to St Julian’s, you’ll find ferries to take you to nearby Gozo, as well as traditional dghajsa boats, which double as water-taxis.


Feast of Julian: In the final week in August, you’ll find the whole town decorated in lights and flags, which is just the build-up to this fantastic festival. It gets going after the parade, in which an effigy of the beloved Saint is paraded around town, accompanied by a brass band. Once that’s finished, it’s over to the main event: the pole-climbing competition! This sees contestants trying to climb along a greased pole suspended over the sea, to collect flags! Celebrations finish off with a massive feast, fantastic fireworks and dancing until the small hours.

Carnival: Take your holidays to St Julian’s in late February and you might be lucky enough to catch the carnival. Expect fabulous floats, flamboyant costumes, sizzling street-food, live music, and plenty of dancing.

Fireworks: The Maltese are big on fireworks, so there’s no better way to celebrate them than with a firework festival. Head over to nearby Valletta in the last week of April and prepare to be dazzled. The Malta International Fireworks Festival also kicks off the summer of parties across the island.