Visit one of Malta’s ancient temple complexes with a trip to Mnajdra. Found on Malta’s south coast, it’s right next to Hagar Qim, and about half an hour’s drive from Qawra.

Considering they’re over 5,000 years old, the Mnajdra temples are well preserved. The complex is made up of three Neolithic temples, with the oldest dating back to somewhere between 3600 and 3200 BC.

As you arrive at the historic World Heritage Site, you’ll be greeted by spectacular views out across the sparkling Mediterranean and towards the little island of Filfla. You’ll find it easy to see why a temple was built here all those thousands of years ago as you happily take lots of photos.

Nowadays, a white tent covers the temples, put up to protect the complex from the elements. This makes it feel even more realistic as you walk through the stone passageways. See etchings carved into the walls and imagine the simple life that the locals lived when it was built.

Although much of the complex has been restored, the larger stones are in their original position. There’s a real connection between the temples and its surrounding landscape, which you’ll see as you gaze out to sea and up at the sky. Spend some time soaking up the scenery before you have to leave, as you really get a feel for this atmospheric place.

When you’re ready to move on, visit the Hagar Qim complex before heading north to see more
ancient ruins at Skorba. Dip into more recent history at the Malta Classic Car Collection Museum, or treat the kids to an afternoon at the Malta National Aquarium.