The currency in Malta is the Euro.

One of the easiest ways to get ready for your trip is to order your Euros online. Did you know delivery is free on orders over £500? You can even arrange to have your Malta currency delivered to your home or workplace before you head off on holiday. Alternatively, use our reserve and collect service and pop in to pick up your cash while you’re picking up any other last-minute holiday essentials. With 0% commission and great exchange rates as well as over 175 years of experience in making sure our customers have the best holidays in the world, we’ll make sure you’re ready to relax.

Do you like to carry a mixture of cash and plastic? Our Travel Money Lyk Card lets you do just that because it’s a pre-loaded card, so you can be sure you won’t spend more than you planned. With the availability to top up in Euros, you can use it for paying in restaurants, shops or bars and to withdraw direct from ATMs, just like a debit card, but without any hidden charges. It comes with a host of other benefits too, like 24-hour assistance, online account management, and commission-free top-ups.

As a final precaution, it’s worth taking a credit card for any unexpected expenses but check the small print carefully. Many credit and debit cards charge high fees for use overseas which can mount up, especially if you’re withdrawing a lot of cash. It’s worth doing a little research before your trip, so you know the best option.

However you choose to access your funds, we recommend making sure you’ve got cash available for small purchases when you arrive and that you make a note of your card providers’ emergency numbers, just in case anything is lost or stolen. Most of all, remember that we’re here to help with any questions you have about currency in Malta.