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Skiing in Lapland

Whether you're a seasoned skier or an enthusiastic beginner, skiing in Lapland offers the opportunity to put your skills to the test and enjoy breathtakingly beautiful landscapes at the same time. You may be looking for challenges beyond the regular snow park offerings, or simply looking for something different to ski on. Whatever your reasons, you'll find everything you need in Lapland, Finland's premier skiing area. This top-rated skiing and snowboarding destination has the different types of round fell terrain to meet the needs of skiers at all ability levels.

The Finnish ski resorts


Finland is home to around 75 ski resorts, the majority of them situated on the relatively low hills around villages and cities. These are used mainly by the locals, as skiing is the national pastime here and citizens get started at a very young age and are usually highly proficient skiers by their early teens. The high fells of Lapland, however, are home to some of the bigger resorts that attract beginning skiers and hardened professionals from around the world. These are classic holiday destinations in the winter season and are all that we imagine when we think of Lapland skiing. They are resorts ideal for all the family, as they have not only the conveniences you need for a skiing holiday but are also easy to reach from local accommodation and offer a range of training programmes for all ages and proficiencies.


The ”Big Four' resorts in Lapland


The four main ski resorts in Lapland are Yllas, Levi, Ruka and Pyha-Luosto, all of them located between around 500 metres and 700 metres above sea level. These state-of-the-art resorts offer enthusiasts everything from adventurous backcountry exploring and well-equipped snow parks to black slopes and safe runs for the kids and beginners. This versatile mix of services, learning programmes and stunning scenery is what makes skiing in Lapland such a delight. The main ski season kicks off in late October, but if you're serious about your chosen sport you'll want to spend some of the high season here. This spans the months from February to May, when the snow finally begins to melt. The Finnish ski resorts are characterised by a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which many visitors prefer to the rather hectic and stressful environment in some of the more crowded hot-spots of Central Europe. There are no issues such as overcrowding and speeding on the slopes, or scrambling to the lifts in a free-for-all to grab the best spots. These are civilised places, ideal for families, groups and couples seeking to improve their skills in pleasant surroundings. The benefits of Lapland skiing are perhaps best represented by the facilities on offer at the Levi resort, which is the most popular in the country. It consists of a choice of slopes for snowboarders and skiers, two fully-equipped snow parks, and a lively traditional village centre with cafés, bars and shops. Kittila Airport is only a few minutes away by car, and the resort hosts an annual slalom competition each November.


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