There are so many fabulous things to do in Lapland that you’ll be spoilt for choice, especially in the winter season. That’s when young families and couples flock here to visit Santa in his home village, enjoy reindeer rides, chase the Northern Lights, and gather around crackling log fires to hear traditional tales. Lapland is also home to stunning, unspoilt landscapes, remote villages and log cabins, and some of the best ski resorts in Europe are located here, so there’s plenty to do all year round if you’re looking for beauty and adventure.

Lapland is a large area in the north of Finland, and it also stretches across a part of northern Sweden, Norway, and the Russian Kola Peninsula. Because it is situated north of the Arctic Circle it is renowned for its frozen winter landscapes and that wonderful natural display known as the Northern Lights. The people who call Lapland home mostly get around by dog-pulled sleighs, snowmobiles, and skis, so this is a way of life for them although visitors find it all unusual and fascinating.

Unique attractions in Lapland include ice hotels, the Santa Claus Village, which is hugely popular with kids of all ages, and the Sampo icebreaker ship. There are lots of Lapland things to do as the region offers a wealth of age-old traditions and a rich culture which makes it a fascinating place to visit throughout the year.