Sorrento is a colourful, coastal city in the south west of Italy that is overflowing with tradition. Its floral decorated buildings, narrow, cobbled alleyways, picturesque harbour and authentic Italian restaurants are not the only things that attract visitors year after year. Sorrento is not a typical beach resort, its buildings adorn the rocky cliffs, which does reduce the number of sandy shores, but provides spectacular, panoramic views of the Amalfi coast and Mount Vesuvius..

Excellent beaches

Sorrento is not a traditional beach resort as there are only a handful of small manmade sandy shores, instead you’ll find wooden or stone bathing public platforms built over the sea. These are great for lounging in the sunshine and often have cafes in easy reach of the promenade. A lot of coastal hotels will have their own private platforms with a safe section of the sea to enjoy swimming in.

History and culture

It was the Greeks who first founded Sorrento in the 6th century BC and later became apart of the Roman Empire in the 4th century BC. Today Sorrento is a popular holiday resort etched into the cliff side with a maze of cobbled streets, traditional buildings and striking rocky landscapes. Down the narrow alleyways are quaint cafes, restaurants and shops that sell locally crafted goods such as jewellery, leather shoes and cloths. When visiting Sorrento you will see decorated murals, bell towers and remains of 16th century defence walls, as the city tried to create a better defence system against attacks from pirates.


Sorrento’s evening entertainment revolves around eating and socialising so you wont find many clubs in the area. There are, however, lots of great bars and restaurants that stay open late and often host shows such as live bands, cabaret and dance performances. Enjoy a fruity cocktail in the relaxed environment, or sit outdoors and enjoy the spectacular scenery, whilst sampling some authentic Italian food.