The picturesque island of Sicily will charm you with its green mountainous landscape, historic monuments, fragrant vineyards and citrus tree lined coastlines. Sicily is the perfect destination for couples and groups, who want to explore the ancient ruins, relax along the rustic beaches and dine on delicious Italian cuisine. With plenty of beautiful sites to explore, it’s easy to see why this romantic slice of haven is so desirable.

Excellent beaches

Sicily has a range of beautiful beaches, some with soft sand, others are pebblier, so you can tailor your beach day accordingly. Large larva rocks speckle the warm shallow waters of Sicily’s coast adding to the striking scenery. The costal town of Taormina is mainly known for its long stretch of sandy shores. Enjoy reclining on sun loungers under parasols, taking in the picturesque views of the turquoise coast against the golden sand. There’s plenty of opportunity for water sports where you can paraglide, hire a pedal boat or snorkel in the shallow mangroves.

History and culture

Sicily has a rich, complex history, which can be seen through its ancient ruins that have a wide range of cultural influences taken from Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, French, German, Spanish and Italian civilisations. Visitors can see Greek temples, Roman villas, Norman cathedrals and traditional Italian architecture on the island. Sicily became a part of Italy in 1860 but only converted to an autonomous region in 1946 with help from the Italian Republic. The region has a heavy religious culture with a number of festivals celebrated throughout the year.


Sicily is extremely traditional so the nightlife typically follows the same pattern of being quite low key. You’ll find bars and clubs that stay open late in certain areas, but the majority of nightly entertainment is focused in the restaurants and hotels. Enjoy a delicious Italian meal with a glass of local wine at a hillside restaurant whilst the sunsets over the beautiful coastline.