The breathtaking island of Sardinia can be found off the coast of Italy and is drenched in Italian tradition and Spanish history. Its alluring charm pulls holidaymakers in year on year that visit for the dazzling coastlines, striking landscapes and laid back way of life. Explore the medieval towns, see the iconic colourful buildings and sip on locally produced delicious wine, Sardinia provides a paradise for couples, families and groups alike.

Excellent beaches

Sardinia has some of the best beaches in the whole of the Mediterranean. The north coast of the island is decorated with nearly 80 coves carved into the rocky shoreline. Lovely, long stretches of sand shelve gently into crystal clear waters giving plenty of opportunities for water sports, like boating and snorkelling. Most of the beaches are within a short distance from superb restaurants, cafes and bars. Enjoy the spectacular views of the shimmering coast and unwind, basking in the wonderfully warm weather.

History and culture

Sardinia is a large picturesque island found just off the coast of Italy in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It has an impeccable 2,000km of coastline made up of beautiful sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. The island is drenched in history and tradition, with its historic buildings, bizarre Nuraghi towers and wine vineyards. The resort hosts a variety of religious and cultural festivals throughout the year with parades, firework displays and huge parties. Italian culture runs through the cobbled streets, join in with the age old tradition of the Passeggiata; a gentle evening stroll where the locals like to socialise after a hearty meal.


Expect a classy affair when it comes to Sardina’s nightlife, with nightly activities traditionally taking place on a terrace of a café or in restaurants. Enjoy a glass of wine or two and enjoy an evening of socialising in the laid back atmosphere by the beachside. If you’re looking for something a little bit more upbeat, you’ll find that areas like Olbia and Alghero have a livelier nightlife. Move from bar to bar enjoying the music and fruity cocktails as you go.