Sitting on the Sorrentine Peninsula around 25 kilometres from Naples and next door to Sorrento, Sant’Agnello is the perfect destination for you to visit if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway. With fascinating landmarks to explore as well as some stunning scenery, there’s lots of things to keep you occupied during your trip.

Fantastic setting

Sant’Agnello has a great location within Italy, close to vibrant Naples and the ancient ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Get an insight into what life was life for the ancient Romans, or walk along the waterfront to Sorrento to experience another lovely Italian seaside town. There’s lots of stunning scenery to take in, from plunging cliffs to dramatic coves, all under the watchful gaze of Mount Vesuvius.

Great culture

There’s a lovely pace of life in Sant’Agnello. Sit down for a coffee in one of the bustling piazzas, then set out on the sightseeing trail. Visit beautiful churches like the Chiesa di San Prisco e Agnello, and don’t miss the incredible Golfo del Pecoriello. When it’s time to relax, sit back and soak up some golden Mediterranean sunshine at La Marinella.

Adventure and cuisine

If you need some action then go hiking along the volcanic cliff which Sant’Agnello sits on, or have a go at some of the water sports you can do on the Gulf of Naples. With your appetite nicely built up, you can look forward to some famous Italian cuisine at dinner, whether you’re tucking into fresh pasta or some tasty seafood. Wash it all down with some local wine as you watch a romantic sunset.