Malcesine – Weather

Malcesine weather is very pleasant for most of the year, with warm temperatures lasting from April to October. Of course, the warmest weather arrives in the peak of summer with July and August seeing the most sunshine and highest temperatures. You can look forward to highs of 33°C with up to 12 hours of bright sunshine per day. Swimming is very enjoyable at this time of year and Lake Garda ideal for wind surfing and kayaking. The water is comfortable in the summer and experiences cooler temperatures because of melted snow coming from the mountains. You won’t have to worry much about rain as there’s an estimated rainfall of just 58mm over the summer.

As winter approaches, temperatures in Malcesine begin to drop. Winter lasts from November to April with temperatures ranging from nightly lows of 0°C and highs of 12°C. Rainfall has increased to around 52mm per month with the chance of snowfall likely towards December and January. The nearby mountain regions are more likely to receive heavier snowfall than Malcesine. Sunshine hours decrease to just five hours a day and you should expect at least 15 foggy days throughout winter. The weather in Malcesine remains chilly throughout winter and into spring. Warmer temperatures arrive in late April, with highs reaching the high teens and low-20s.

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