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Located on the northwest coast of Italy, Limone enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters. The weather in Limone in summer is perfect for a classic beach orientated holiday but if you prefer more of an outdoor adventurous holiday, spring and autumn weather is perfect.

Limone weather in autumn is mild at 18°C during the day that eventually dips to 12°C at night. It’s not as hot as the summer, but it’s perfect for outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking and sightseeing. Cloud coverage increases towards November, which means there’s just five hours of sunshine per day.

Summer is the warmest time to visit Limone with highs of 29°C in July. Evening temperatures in Limone are mild with an average low of 15°C in June and 17°C in August. You can expect at least 10 hours of warm sunshine per day throughout summer that gradually lessens towards September. The daily average also lowers to 24°C in September with moderate rainfall spread over the month.

Temperatures continue to drop as winter approaches, falling to just 8°C from December to February. March welcomes warmer weather, with highs of 13°C and 18°C in April.

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