A stunning destination on the northwest shores of Lake Garda, holidays to Limone are perfect if you love being surrounded by spectacular scenery while you’re away. A picturesque town framed by the shimmering blue waters of the lake and the lush green mountains that plunge down into the water, Limone is one of northern Italy’s most beautiful holiday spots.

Old-world Charm

With its incredible cliffside setting sandwiched between lake and mountain, Limone could only be reached by boat until the first road was built to it in the 1930s. The town has retained its old-world charm to this day, and it’s the ideal place to come if you want to enjoy a relaxing, peaceful holiday. Go for walks in the mountains, sit down for a long morning coffee in a tight historic street, or laze around by the lake as you soak up some sunshine.

Water Sports

Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s not much going on in Limone though. Lake Garda is renowned for its action-packed water sports, and Limone’s no different. Whether you take to the water to try out a new activity, or you’re a dab hand at things like windsurfing, there’s plenty of fun things to have a go at.

Charming Sights

When it’s time to explore, Limone has some wonderful attractions that you can visit. From stunning churches filled with history and character, to interesting museums, you’ll invariably have incredible views of the scenery while you’re making your way between the sights. There are some fantastic spots where you can make the most of this over dinner too, with bars and restaurants serving authentic home cooked Italian food with breathtaking panoramas of Lake Garda.