What sights can I visit in Lake Garda?

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy so there is plenty to see and do whilst you are there. Here are just a few attractions not to be missed: Sirmione and Castello Scaligeri  take a tour of the castle and climb the tower to enjoy panoramic views of the lake and town.

Head to the southeast shore of the lake and visit Bardolino, the backdrop is less rugged than the north, and the towns are still pretty and surrounded by olive trees.

In the north is Malcesine, with its own Castello Scaligero, wander through the narrow streets that climb up the hillside to the castle, whose ramparts drop directly into the lake on the other side. The castle is made more beautiful as it is surrounded by mountains that rise dramatically from the lake.

Visit Vittoriale d’Italia, a stunning Art Deco villa set in extensive gardens. It is worth spending the day here, take a tour of the house and then explore the gardens, museum, amphitheatre and mausoleum of the flamboyant owner poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.


Is Lake Garda a good wedding destination?

Lake Garda is a romantic destination, with fairytale castles, stunning scenery and Italian charm. The best time to get married in Lake Garda is between April and October as the weather is warmer and the lush gardens and cypress groves are at their best. Civil weddings are available at many of towns dotted around the shoreline. Here are just a few suggestions for wedding locations on the lake. Malcesine’s Castle is a picturesque castle sat onto of a cliff with panoramic views of the lake and the town. Bardolino is a pretty town on the south shore, you can get married in the town hall right on the lake front. For more lavish wedding locations head to Gardone where the backdrop to your photos is the stunning Vittoriale Gardens.


Can I go sailing in Lake Garda?

You can go sailing on Lake Garda all year round due to its constant winds, in the morning the wind blows north to south and in the afternoon south to north. Head to the northern shoreline to find the best spot for sailing, you’ll see all types of boats on the water from windsurfers, dinghies to large wooden ships. Lake Garda is the perfect place to learn to sail with numerous sailing centres that offer boat hire and tuition.


How far is Lake Garda from Milan?

It is approximately a two hour drive from Lake Garda to the centre of Milan. It is worth noting that Milan’s Bergamo airport is halfway between Milan and Garda, it is around one hours’ drive either way and both are well connected by major roads.


Can I go wine tasting in Lake Garda?

There are vineyards in both the north and the south of the lake, to the north Nosiola, Merlot, Cabernet and Vino Santo are produced and Groppello della Valtenesi is produced in the vineyards near Bardolino and Lugana. Many of the vineyards run their own tours where you can sample the local wines and find out more about the wine-making process.

Bardolino Wine Festival happens every year around September/October time, head to the town to celebrate the maturation of their famous wine. The festival takes place over five days with wine tasting, food fairs and entertainment.