Look forward to visiting a stunning destination with holidays to Ischia Porto. The island of Ischia sits at the edge of the Gulf of Naples, and Ischia Porto is its biggest town. There are lots of great attractions across the island, which wonderfully complement the beautiful scenery and lovely Mediterranean weather.

Great attractions

Ischia is known for a number of things, not least its spectacular castle that rises up on a small islet from Ischia Ponte. The island’s also famous for its thermal springs which are said to have healing properties, whether you relax in the water at a public baths or find a little stream that trickles out along the beach.

Beautiful beaches

If you love spending time at the beach, there are some fabulous ones to choose from across Ischia. Bask in some golden sunshine at any number of inviting beaches, or sit back in bath-like rock pools in the shadow of plunging cliffs. Whether you catch the bus, take a water taxi or hire your own boat, there are plenty of ways to explore the highlights of Ischia’s picturesque coastline.

Adventurous island

When you feel like being active, Ischia is home to a selection of super walking trails. You can climb mountains to reward yourself with incredible views down across the island and out over the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea. After an adventurous day out, settle down for a long dinner at one of Ischia Porto’s many restaurants. Tuck into some famous Italian cuisine and try local specialities like the freshly caught seafood.