Amalfi – Weather

Amalfi enjoys up to ten hours of sunshine per day in the height of summer, so you can look forward to lovely weather in Amalfi. The good weather arrives in late May and early June, which has an average daily high of 26°C. The sea warms up to 24°C, which is perfect for a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. Temperatures in Amalfi reach their peak in July and August, with highs of 33°C.

Amalfi weather begins to cool in the autumn, but it’s still very warm in the daytime with the added bonus of warm evenings.

Temperatures in Amalfi begin to cool down in late September and October to a daily average of 22°C with lows of 11°C. It can be quite wet in autumn, with rain increasing to 40mm per month with at least eight rainy days. You’ll need to pack an umbrella if you’re visiting between October and April as this is when the most rainfall occurs.

The weather in Amalfi in winter is quite mild during the day compared to most European regions. You can expect a daily temperature of 13°C with humidity levels rising to 76%. Warmer weather arrives in spring with temperatures ranging from 16°C to highs of 22°C by May.


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