Goa – Weather

Goa lies on the western coast of India and sees a year round tropical climate that is hot and humid. Although the weather is notoriously hot, Goa does have two distinctive seasons.

Monsoon season starts in June and ends in September and it typically experiences almost all of the yearly rainfall with the odd thunderstorm. The average temperatures at this time linger around 28°C and rarely drop below 25°C. You can expect the resort to be a lot quieter at this time and there’s a higher risk of flash flooding.

The dry season falls between October and May and sees an average scorching temperature of 32°C. The most popular time to visit is right after the monsoon season in late November, December and January, as the skies are clear, the nature is flourishing and the humidity is at its lowest. March through to May is the hottest time to visit with daily temperatures rarely dropping below 30°C, even at night.

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