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Goa weather is tropical with a hot and humid climate during monsoon season and a dry, warm climate in the dry season. The dry season falls between October and May and is the most popular time to visit Goa for less rainfall and high temperatures. The daily average is around 32°C, which is scorching hot. The skies are clear and you probably won’t see much rain during this time. Humidity levels are also at their lowest, making outdoor activities such as sightseeing and relaxing on the beach more enjoyable. The warmest weather in Goa arrives in March and carries on until May, with temperatures rarely dropping below 30°C.

Temperatures in Goa are slightly lower between June and September, with a daily average of 28°C. This is monsoon season, which means there are a lot of heavy downpours along with the odd thunderstorm. There’s an expected rainfall of 2,600mm and most of it falls over the summer, so make sure to pack a good quality umbrella if you’re visiting Goa at this time. The weather in Goa during monsoon season is very humid and temperatures rarely drop below 25°C. The wettest month is July, which has over 995mm of rain over 27 days. If you don’t mind the rain, heat and humidity, the summer can be a great time to visit Goa for a quieter and more peaceful holiday.

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