Visit Mollem National Park and Dudhsagar Falls

Take a day trip to Mollem National Park in the Western Ghats for an adventure in Goa’s 240 square kilometre jungle. Enjoy the peaceful setting as you follow trails through the tropical paradise to see the exotic animals that live in the trees and foliage. You can expect to see several varieties of snakes, including the King Cobra, hump-nosed pit viper and the Indian rock python. There are species of exotic flora, birds, butterflies and monkeys too. Enjoy a car safari through the reserve to see tigers, panthers and bonnet macaques.

Drive about 20 minutes through the forestry to find the impeccable Dudhsagar Falls. The iconic waterfalls are some of the tallest in the country, standing over 1,000 feet. Visitors are able to take a refreshing swim in the cool lagoon at the bottom of the falls and there’s plenty of space to bask in the sunshine along the river bank.