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Situated on the idyllic coast of North Goa, Candolim has a typical tropical climate with a monsoon and dry season. The height of monsoon season runs from June to September, with most of the resort’s rainfall falling throughout those months. July is one of the wettest months, with 579mm of rainfall spread over 28 days. Temperatures are around 20°C and humidity levels are high at 84%, which can make the atmosphere a little uncomfortable.

Candolim weather is better during the dry season, which starts in October and finishes in May. Temperatures are very high and peak at around 32°C. The dry season is the most popular time to visit because temperatures in Candolim are high and humidity levels are low, making it ideal for a winter holiday.

Temperatures are around 28°C in January, which is one of the hottest months of the year. With 11 hours of sunshine per day, it’s a great time to travel for beach days and sunbathing. The weather in Candolim gradually gets cooler through the spring, lowering to 20°C in April and 18°C in June. Rainfall is higher too, with an average of 891mm spread over the month of June.

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