Arpora – Weather

Arpora’s location in North Goa means the region experiences a hot tropical climate with warm temperatures and humid weather conditions all year. Monsoon season is rather wet, so if you find yourself drawn to that time of year you’ll need to pack a raincoat or umbrella. June is the beginning of the monsoon season, which runs through the summer until September. The average temperature is 28°C with frequent rain showers throughout the month. There’s around 579mm of rainfall over 27 days per month and the heat paired with the humidity means that thunderstorms are more likely at this time of year.

Temperatures in Arpora are still warm in the dry season and there’s a lot less rain, which is ideal if you prefer a drier climate on holiday. The temperature is around 32°C between October and May, which cools in late autumn to around 25°C. Humidity levels are more comfortable at 62% with cooling winds travelling at an average speed of 6mph.

January is the height of winter but the weather in Arpora is still very hot with highs of 28°C and 11 hours of sunshine per day. The rain stays off until June, which means you can enjoy a hot and dry climate through winter and spring.

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