Zante – Weather

Zante is known for its warm and sunny climate that brings constant good weather to the island throughout the year. Temperatures in Zante peak in summer with average highs of 32°C at the hottest time of the day. Summer receives lots of sunshine with up to 13 hours of sunlight per day. Rain and cloud cover is very unlikely, with most days consisting of pale blue skies and warmth that make for a fun day on the beach.

Zante weather in autumn is mild but rainy, so you’ll need to pack an umbrella or waterproof coat for your visit. Temperatures in Zante are around 23°C in October but will continue to drop towards winter, reaching 19°C by November.

Rainstorms are likely in autumn and winter, with mild and wet weather throughout the island. The most rain falls in December, which sees 170mm of rainfall over the month. As spring approaches, the amount of rain per month lowers and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding it between April and May.

The weather in Zante cools to 16°C in December while January and February have averages around 14°C. Evening lows area around 8°C, so you’ll need to pack plenty of layers to stay warm.

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