Things to do in Zante

With silvery, limestone cliffs that plunge into sapphire seas and pristine, white-sanded beaches, you won’t be short of things to do in Zante.

Places to Go

Zante’s vibrant nightlife is a major draw for some, with the famous Laganas boat parties setting sail in the early afternoon. Once the sun sets over Laganas, make your way to The Strip, which is where you’ll find the party getting into full swing. Kalamaki Street is the place to go for eats, while bars such as Sugar and Cocktails and Dreams are perfect for a pre-club livener.

However, if you prefer things to do in Zante that are a little more laid back and relaxed, head to the beautiful town of Agios Sostis. Just a quarter of an hour’s drive from Kalamaki, it overlooks a powder-soft sandy beach, with some authentic tavernas and restaurants just a short walk away. Top up your tan before enjoying some home-cooked Greek cuisine, washed down with a glass of the local wine.


Taking a boat trip is one of the most popular Zante things to do and there are some fantastic places to weigh anchor and explore. Smugglers’ Cove is famous for its picturesque tranquillity, and there’s even a shipwreck for diving enthusiasts to explore. Alternatively, jump aboard one of the Zante turtle boat trips and spot loggerhead turtles as you cruise your way to Marathonisi Island. Here, you’ll be able to watch the turtles basking in the evening sun and, if the time is right, nesting.

Places to Visit

You can’t go to Greece and not seek out some of its world-famous history. Catch a boat to the Greek mainland and visit Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Also known as ‘The Valley of the Gods’ there are enough temples and ruins to keep history-buffs and mythology fans happy for hours.

However, for true seclusion, a visit to Cameo Island is one of the best Zante things to do. A small, horseshoe-shaped private island, it has acted as the stunning backdrop to many a wedding and is perfect for catching some rays and enjoying a quiet cocktail with the one you love.

1. Tsilivi Water Park

Just follow the shrieks of joy and you’ll find yourself at the Tsilivi water park. It’s a fantastic day out for the kids, and with such beautiful surroundings, it’s sure to be a hit with mums and dads too.
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2. Tsilivi Nightlife

The Tsilivi nightlife scene is pretty relaxed, so it doesn't matter whether you're on a family holiday or a romantic getaway, there's something for everyone to enjoy after dark.
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8. Laganas Beach Greece

Experience the very best of Laganas by spending a day at the resort’s long, beautiful beach. Stretching from Kalamaki on one side all the way to Agios Sostis on the other, it’s the perfect place to sit back, relax, and soak up the warm Greek sunshine.
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9. Cameo Island Zante Greece

Discover your very own paradise and pay a visit to Cameo, a small private island off the shore of Laganas. After you walk over the long wooden footbridge and along a shaded path, you’ll be greeted by a picture-perfect beach on the far side of this Mediterranean gem.
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10. Argassi Greece

During your stay in Kalamaki, make sure you pay a visit to the nearby seaside village of Argassi. Just ten minutes away by car, it’s the perfect place to spend the day exploring the sights and relaxing on the beach.
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11. Agios Sostis Greece

Spend a day at one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Zante with a visit to Agios Sostis. Close to Laganas and 15 minutes by car from Kalamaki, it’s a must-do day trip during your stay on the island.
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12. Visit Smugglers' Cove

Laganas is within a short distance of one of the most photographed beaches in all of Greece. The famous Smugglers’ Cove is located on Zante’s north western coast
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14. Keri Caves Greece

If you want to be involved in the best water based attractions that are on offer around Laganas, the Keri Caves should be on your to do list. Located on the southwestern coast in Zante,
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15. Party the night away

Laganas is one of the must-visit party destinations in Zante and the whole of Greece for that matter. The resort’s flashing neon lights guide you to The Strip
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16. Kalamaki Beach Greece

The beach at Kalamaki is a dedicated turtle conservation area, where endangered loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta) seasonally venture to the sandy shores to nest. The nests are easily visible as volunteers
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17. Horse riding

If you want to explore the beautiful countryside that surrounds Kalamaki, then by horse is the best way to go. Nana’s Horse Riding lets you ride along with a group on a variety of tours available.
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20. Explore Blue Caves In Zante Greece

At the top of the island and almost on the tip of the Zante peninsula lies the Blue Grotto Caves. Comprised of fascinating rock formations, clear blue waters and stunning scenery the area is a mysterious spot on the island teeming with colourful marine life and a small shipwreck.
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21. Explore Smugglers Cove In Zante Greece

Perhaps the most famous postcard image from the island of Zante is the Smugglers Cove beach line. The story goes that in 1983 an alleged smugglers ship carrying cigarettes crashed onto surrounding rocks and was subsequently washed ashore
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23. Fun at the beach

No visit to Alykanas is complete without a day at the beach. On the northeastern shores of Zante, you’ll discover Alykanas’ curving cove that looks over the glass-like waters coming from the coastline of Kefalonia.
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