Zante is a classic Greek island with silky golden beaches perfectly epitomising the sun drenched holiday escape we crave for in the summer season. Renowned for its chilled out beach life and stunning coastal scenery, every year thousands of holidaymakers flock to the island as their choice for a holiday in Greece. There’s vibrant nightlife in the towns of Tsilivi and Laganas and a fascinating selection of attractions including the Smugglers Cove Shipwreck and the Blue Grotto caves. Boat trips can take you to these attractions and provide a good opportunity to visit some of the islands secluded beaches. If you sail to the islands pinnacle you may even spot the infamous loggerhead turtles.

Amazing Beaches

The island of Zante is famous for its beaches and contains some of the most sought after beach spots across the whole of the Mediterranean. Pristine white beaches and pebbly cove bays can be found at numerous resort locations and secluded beach coves. Take a boat trip around the island spectacular shorelines and discover the islands wonders.

Loggerhead Turtles

One of the special attractions of Zante is the Loggerhead Turtles that flock to the Mediterranean island’s beaches as a nesting spot. The best time to see them is on Laganas beach between July and August although they can be spotted throughout the year around different areas of the island such as the Blue Grotto caves on the islands pinnacle.

Tsivili and Laganas Nightlife

These two resorts both have their own unique tempo with a dash of Greek charm throw into the mix of pubs, bars, restaurants and nightlife. Laganas is a 24 hour party playground with neon entourage and a mixture of night-time revellers from all over Europe. Tsviliv has an upbeat vibe and its fair share of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants.

The History and Culture of Zante

Zante’s history is exciting and varied, with influences on its culture coming from ancient empires, Renaissance traders and turn of the 20th century freedom fighters. This has created a rich story that’s visible all over the island, in its landmarks, art and even music. On a holiday to Zante, you’ll absorb a lot of this incredible culture, even if you’re not looking for it, because the vibrant heart of this small island is the tale of its past. The huge variety of cultures, from ancient times to modern has left a remarkable impact on Zante, that can be seen everywhere you travel on the island.