See the turtles on Marathonissi Island

Exotic nature is all around Laganas, with the epicentre being on Marathonissi Island. The island was inhabited until the Second World War where the former dwellers lived in harmony with the unspoilt landscape.

Since people no longer live on the island, the fascinating loggerhead sea turtles have moved in. Sometimes better known as the Caretta Caretta turtle, these incredible animals can be seen on occasion around the island. If you’re lucky, you might encounter one of these illustrious creatures.

The island gives you two beaches to choose from. One beach consists of rounded pebbles and is perfect for snorkelling because of the clear waters. The second beach is ideal for those who want to lay back and just enjoy the breath taking beauty of this island.

With no amenities on the island you’ll have to bring your own food and drink and take any rubbish with you to keep the area in perfect condition for future visitors.