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With hot, sunny summers and short, mild winters, Alykanas is a destination you can visit all year round. The summer is very warm and ideal for beach visits with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures hitting 30°C at the hottest part of the day. At night, the weather in Alykanas cools to 21°C, which is still mild and comfortable for an evening stroll in town or along the beach. The sea is beautiful at this time of year and you can look forward to an average water temperature of 26°C. Sunshine is guaranteed throughout the season with up to 14 hours of sunlight per day.

Alykanas’ weather remains good through the summer and into autumn, with a daily average temperature of 24°C in October. Sunshine hours decrease to 11 per day while the amount of rain per month rises to 63mm.

Cooler weather arrives in winter, when there is less sunshine and temperatures begin to drop to just 15°C. 85mm of rain falls over the month of January, which is also the coldest time of the year. Temperatures in Alykanas increase in March and April, rising to 19°C at peak times. Winds travel at 9mph and there are around ten hours of warm sunshine to enjoy per day.

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