Alykanas is a relaxing beach resort that caters for couples, families and anyone in search of a relaxing holiday. Situated in the Ionian Sea, it has warm weather for the majority of the year. During your stay at Alykanas, you have the chance to explore this beautifully secluded area. You’ll feel as though you’re in an off-the-beaten-path resort and yet still have all the facilities you’d expect from any other destination.

Great beaches all around

Great beaches come as standard in Zante, but you’ll discover that along with golden sands and glass coloured waters, the beaches in Alykanas have superb refreshments and a famous shipwreck you can go and look at. This shipwreck happened when a smuggler’s boat got into a spot of trouble and its journey came to an early end in 1983. All of this can be enjoyed in the constant golden sunlight that Alykanas enjoys.

Take a train trip through the countryside

Alykanas can be found in a stunning area of Zante. By taking the Trainaki train ride you’ll get the chance to see the rustic countryside that surrounds Alykanas. From the colourful olive groves with their many spectacular terraces to the charming Vertzagias caves, there’s plenty to see and do when you venture a little further field.

Check out the great artwork on show at the monastery

With the picturesque beach and countryside you’ll find that they are complemented by the artwork that is on show at the monastery of St John the Baptist. Whilst there, you’ll have the chance to discover the riveting pieces of art by renowned artists such as Poulakis and Bafas.