Thassos – Weather

Thassos is a top holiday destination for its sun-kissed beaches, stunning countryside scenery and fantastic climate. The island boasts warm temperatures with plenty of sunshine throughout the year, which means you’re almost guaranteed great weather no matter when you visit. Long summers offer the highest temperatures of the year with a daily average of 24°C between May and September.

Thassos weather heats up in July and August, which is the hottest time to visit the island. You can expect temperatures to reach up to 27°C in July and 26°C in August.

Thassos experiences warmer weather than the surrounding Greek islands because it’s protected from prevailing winds by mainland Greece. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so warm throughout the year with the mild weather in Thassos lasting through autumn and winter.

There’s a higher chance of a cloudy day in winter, which means there’s less sunshine than previous months with just four hours of sunlight per day. Temperatures are around 14°C in November that continues to decrease over winter, reaching lows of 12°C in December and January.

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