Thassos La Scala Beach
Thassos Aliki Ruins
Thassos Dyonissos Theatre
Thassos Beach Rocks
Thassos Limenaria Boats
Thassos Limenararia
Thassos Marble Beach
Thassos Olive Tree
Thassos Pachis Beach
Thassos Papalimani Umbrella
Thassos Restaurant Night
Thassos Skala Marion Night
Thassos Skala Potamia Natural Pool
Thassos Skala Rachioni
Thassos Table Food
Thassos Town Beach
Thassos Greenery
Thassos Harbour
Thassos Harbour
Thassos Trypiti Beach
Thassos Aliki Beach

Browse through our inspirational selection of photos from Thassos in Greece and imagine yourself on holiday exploring the sites of this traditional Greek island. Thassos still retains a truly authentic feel to its shores and we’d love you to share your favourite pictures of this traditional Venetian paradise.