Thassos is a great destination for family holidays with its silky golden beaches, stunning scenery and calm blue waters epitomising the perfect relaxing break to one of Greece’s most charming island escapes. Known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, visitors to Thassos can expect a striking mountainous landscape of lush green countryside and olive tree groves amidst panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and its crystal blue waters. Explore the island on either guided or unguided treks by acquiring a horse from the equestrian centre and riding to Limenaria Town or the Archangelou Monastery. Don’t forget to take advantage of the boat trips to nearby islands and the excellent diving spots dotted around the island’s coastline.

Explore the beaches and mountains

Thassos is a truly authentic Greek island with its beautiful rolling countryside, panoramic mountain views and secluded golden beaches. It’s not defined by any single feature or resort but by its traditional and peaceful natural ambiance. Its mountainous hills are a hiker’s dream with many travellers opting to walk to the ancient Archangelous Monastery and admire the picturesque views of the Aegean seafront. If hiking doesn’t tempt you then take a ride from one of the island’s many equestrian centres and discover the wonders of Thassos by horse.

Thassos Town’s history

Ancient history tells us that Thassos was a conquest for many empires including the Romans and Egyptians that sought to own its beauty and trade routes. The town still displays many mementos from the past including the Roman amphitheatre and Greek acropolis. After exploring the ancient sites in the capital don’t forget to check out the tavernas along the waterfront and feast on the authentic Greek Mezze.

Limenaria mining town

On the south western tip of the island you can find the small town of Limenaria, radiating a traditional Greek charm and abundance of tantalising seafood restaurants. Limenaria’s past is far more than just a fishing port as the area used to be an old miners town and still has many tunnels and shafts leading underground. Overlooking the settlement the turreted Palataki building is an emblem to the town’s diverse cultural history.