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Weather and Climate

Between 25°C and 30°C

Best time to visit: If you’re looking to make the most of the sunshine on your Skopelos holidays, book your break between June and September. These are the months in which you’ll experience the highest temperatures, peaking towards the end of August. April and May offer cooler conditions for sightseeing, with the temperature hovering between the high teens and early 20s. Autumn sees rain, but Skopelos still remains warm, with temperatures of around 20°C. In winter, the weather is cold and damp.

Skopelos is best for...

Couples: Stay away from the beaches featured in Mamma Mia! and you’ll find stretches of secluded, sun-splashed sands that seem to melt into the sapphire seas. The town, with its whitewashed tumble of sugar-cube houses, is the perfect place to get lost in and stumble across unique shops and romantic restaurants. The sunsets are spectacular, and you can watch the blue sky turn to gold and orange while enjoying a quiet picnic on the shore.

Families: Holidays to Skopelos are as far away from tourist-centric resorts as you can get. The beaches are perfect for little ones, with shallow shores and safe, clean water. Head inland and there are jasmine-scented forests to explore. Alternatively, head for the ruins of the Venetian fortress in the centre of town, or spend your days exploring the tranquillity of the monasteries that litter the island.

The Great Outdoors: Whether you’re travelling with the family or stealing some time away with your better half, Skopelos holidays offer plenty of scope for adventure. For those who enjoy a spot of hiking, there are some good trails in the hills, many of which will lead you to hidden villages, abandoned monasteries, silent churches and even remote restaurants. To add a little spice to your walk, hunt out the Sendoukia Pirate Graves, the reported resting-place of three pirates. According to local legend, there is treasure buried nearby, which is protected by the ghosts of the ill-fated buccaneers.

Fast Facts

Language: While the official language is Greek, most of the locals have a basic command of English. Download an app or pack a phrasebook for those essentials.

Currency: You’ll need to change up your British Stirling into Euros, before heading off on your holidays to Skopelos.

Local time: The island is two hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Skiathos International Airport, before hopping on a ferry for a 15-minute trip to Skopelos.

Flight time from the UK: Between three and a half and five and three-quarter hours, depending on whether your flight is non-stop, or you need to stop along the way for connecting flights.

Tourist information: Tourist Information: Further tourist information can be found at

Visa and Health: For the latest visa and health requirements, click here

Getting around

By bus: There’s a regular and reliable bus service, running from one end of the island to the other, seven days a week. It operates four times a day during the week and three times a day at weekends.

By taxi: The majority of taxis are to be found in Hora. Taxi drivers welcome tourists and will likely give you their business card, in the hope that you use them for the duration of your Skopelos holidays. Agree on a fee before you travel.

By car: Cars give you the freedom to reach destinations that aren’t serviced by public transport. The island’s main road is in good condition and easy to navigate, while many of the mountain roads are little more than dirt tracks. Be sure to check with your insurance company which roads you are permitted to drive on. A full driving license is required to hire a car.


Loizia Festival: Book your holidays to Skopelos in August and you might just catch the annual Loizia Festival. Held in honour of the Greek composer, Manos Loizos, you can expect music recitals, theatrical performances, traditional dancing and a sumptuous feast.

Wine Festival: Fans of the fermented grape should book a break in mid-September when the weather’s warm and the Wine Festival gets underway. A free event, you can sample superb wines from across the Sporades and dance until the sun comes up.

Carnival: While the weather might be a little cooler, you’ll enjoy the warmest of welcomes during Carnival. Held in February, you’ll see colourful costumes, lively parades and traditional dancing. Locals welcome visitors and neighbours alike into their homes, to share food and drink.