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Skiathos weather is very pleasant with long, hot summers and milder weather arriving towards winter. Summers last from April to October, which is the best time to visit the island. Temperatures in Skiathos are around 26°C during the day with scorching highs of 29°C in the peak of the afternoon. At night, it gets slightly cooler with temperature lows of around 18°C in July and August. September is another good time to visit when the beaches are less busy and the weather is still warm and sunny.

Winter weather in Skiathos is mild compared to most other European destinations, making the island the ideal location for a winter holiday. Temperatures are around 13°C in December that lowers to 12°C in January. Rainfall is also on the rise in the colder months with a monthly average of 98mm in December that gradually lessens as the season progresses. Humidity levels are around 69%, which is comfortable along with gentle winds travelling at an average speed of 11mph.

Spring brings warmer weather to Skiathos with a daily average of 15°C and just 38mm of rainfall per month. The Aegean Sea is a little too cold for a swim at 15°C but continues to rise as summer approaches, reaching 25°C.

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