1. Santorini’s sights

Discover the historic sites of Santorini on a guided tour of the island. The first stop is normally the Panagia Episkopi Church in Mesa Gonia, often considered the best ecclesiastical architecture on the island.
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Skaros Rock

2. Skaros Rock

Proudly jutting out into the Aegean waters at 20 metres above sea level, the Skaros Rock was originally built to protect the coastline from pirates. Although it was left in ruins by a series of powerful earthquakes during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the fortification is now a beautiful tourist site and must-see highlight of Santorini.
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3. Amoudi Bay

As you take the 300-step descent down to Amoudi Bay from the picturesque coastal town of Oia, you’ll quickly realise why this is one of Santorini’s most treasured hidden gems.
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winery 1

4. Visit a winery

All islands in Greece have wineries you can visit but Santorini is particularly special. The island is home to some of the oldest vineyards in all of Greece including the Canava Roussos Winery founded in 1836.
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Discover the wonders of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque island – Santorini in Greece. This elegant Greek island escape has some fascinating sights including the famous blue domed churches, wineries, vineyards and traditional Greek villages. A holiday to Santorini is perfect for families or couples looking to relax on the islands black sand beaches and explore the fascinating cultural history and charming way of life.