Things to do in Santorini

Formed hundreds of years ago by a massive volcanic explosion, Santorini is a spectacular, black-sanded scythe set in the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean. Bathed in sunshine for most of the year, it makes an ideal destination for those wanting to top up their tans against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. However, while the island is well known for it’s laid-back atmosphere, it’s rich history and unique geology means there are plenty of things to do in Santorini.

Bask on a beach, explore the dramatic caldera, sample outstanding wines, enjoy some white-knuckle water sports or plug into the buzzing nightlife; you can make your Santorini holiday exactly what you want it to be!

Panagia Episkopi Church

Visiting the Panagia Episkopi Church in Mesa Gonia, is one of the most popular things to do in Santorini. Particularly, if you want to see one of the finest examples of local architecture in the island. Tall, whitewashed buildings are topped with terracotta tiles and pitted with graceful arches that lead inside.
The interior walls are also white, which only serves to add drama and elegance to the religious paintings, colourful frescos, and marbled columns you’ll find in this inspiring church. Nearby Mesa Gonia is filled with traditional quirk and charm and offers superb views across the Mediterranean. For something a little livelier, head to the island’s former capital, Pyrgos, and hunt out one of the hidden restaurants or vineyards.

Skaros Rock

Love a bit of history? You’ll find plenty of things to see in Santorini. A visit to Skaros Rock ought to be on your list. The remains of an ancient fort, there’s a bit of walking involved to get there, but you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views of the volcano and the glittering Mediterranean.
Nearby, you’ll find the Chapel of Agios Ioannis Apokefalistheis, which is located on the highest point of the island. Make the trek after lunch and you’ll see the afternoon sun bouncing off the blue domes on the chapel roof. Time your trip right and you’ll have the joy of watching the sun set in the distance.

Local Wines and Stunning Views

It’s also worth putting a visit to one of the local wineries on your list of things to do in Santorini. The island is home to some of Greece’s oldest, including the Canava Roussos Winery, which was founded in 1836. Expect guided tours through ancient wine cellars, a chance to sample some of the finished article. Also, the opportunity to get your hands on a bottle or two, direct from the producer! Visit the Santo Winery and you can perfect your palate, while enjoying astonishing views of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic islets that surround this stunning island.

Amoudi Bay

While there are plenty of beautiful, black-sanded beaches to choose from. Amoudi Bay ranks as one of the best and a visit is a must. To get to this small, secluded bay, you’ll need to trek down 300 steps, but you’ll be rewarded with a superb beach and the picture-perfect town of Oia. Lined with quiet and authentic restaurants and bars, Amoudi Bay offers some of the best local seafood on the island and, arguably, the best place from which to watch the sun go down.

5. Santo Winery In Pyros Greece

Santorini has been attracting visitors to its crescent-shaped shores for hundreds of years. While the black-sanded beaches and the dramatic sweep of its famous volcanic caldera are the main attractions
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7. Caldera Cruise

There’s a great selection of different trips that you can choose from, depending on what you want to see and when you want to go.
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8. Gabbiano Nero

Browse a lovely collection of sculptures and art at Gabbiano Nero. Found in the heart of Kamari just steps from the beach, it makes for a great stop before or after you spend some time soaking up the warm Mediterranean sunshine.
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9. Gaia Winery

Look forward to sipping some local wines when you pay a visit to the Gaia Winery. Just a couple of kilometres north up the coast from the centre of Kamari, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon on your holiday to Santorini.
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11. Kamari Beach Greece

Spend a unique day in the warm Greek sunshine with a visit to Kamari Beach. As Santorini’s most famous beach, this volcanic stretch is a sight to behold.
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12. Skaros Rock Greece

Proudly jutting out into the Aegean waters at 20 metres above sea level, the Skaros Rock was originally built to protect the coastline from pirates. Although it was left in ruins by a series of powerful earthquakes during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the fortification is now a beautiful tourist site and must-see highlight of Santorini.
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13. Amoudi Bay Greece

As you take the 300-step descent down to Amoudi Bay from the picturesque coastal town of Oia, you’ll quickly realise why this is one of Santorini’s most treasured hidden gems.
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15. Visit a winery

All islands in Greece have wineries you can visit but Santorini is particularly special. The island is home to some of the oldest vineyards in all of Greece including the Canava Roussos Winery founded in 1836.
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16. Santorini’s sights

Discover the historic sites of Santorini on a guided tour of the island. The first stop is normally the Panagia Episkopi Church in Mesa Gonia, often considered the best ecclesiastical architecture on the island.
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