Lindos Acropolis Greece

Take a walk through history in the ancient town of Lindos Acropolis. You’ll find this spectacular archaeological site just 45 kilometres south of Rhodes Town. Explore its historical shrines and marvel at the ruins of ancient buildings that are believed to be around 2,400 years old. These stunning hilltop fortification towers dominate the skyline. Many reach heights of 100 metres above the quaint coastal village below. Reach the top and take in the extraordinary views of the sugar cube homes beneath and extended views of the Aegean Sea.

Getting there

The towering Acropolis offers more than exceptional views. You’ll also gain insight into the mesmerising enchantment of ancient Greece. You can make your way to the Acropolis of Lindos at any time in the day. Adults must pay to enter, but the kids are free.

You can take an hour’s drive to Lindos from Rhodes City. If you’re taking a bus to Lindos, there are many pickup and drop off spots on the island. Tickets are cheap. But public transport isn’t exactly known for getting a gold medal in punctuality. So, don’t be surprised or concerned if you’ve arrived early for your bus and don’t see it coming. It’ll get there!

Are you hiring a car for the journey? Take the east coast road running between Kalathos and Lardos. You can expect to come across a lot of narrow streets in Lindos. And remember, the car park can get very busy at peak times. So, arrive early if you want to grab a parking space on the main road that runs above the village. Sometimes, it’s worth avoiding all the trouble and catching a bus or taxi instead.

Explore the ancient town

Lindos Acropolis is said to have been founded by the son of the King of Egypt, Danaos. He and his 50 daughters settled on the island and built a massive temple to the goddess Athena.

Once you pass through the ancient gate and step inside the ancient world of Acropolis, you’ll discover all kinds of ancient remains. More recent buildings are on the first level including the Castle of the Knights of St John. The knights are also the ones to thank for strengthening the various fortifications of the city.

The more you explore, the further into the past you’ll go. Admire the 300 BC Temple of Athena Lindia to the south before heading to the main entrance of the Acropolis. Here, you’ll stand facing a Hellenistic stoa. This ancient covered walkway is lined with 20 columns. Follow it until it leads you to an enormous medieval staircase, where you’ll find the Propylaea of the Sanctuary gateway. Explore the open-air courtyard and take a look out at the breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea.

Venture to the top

You can’t come all this way and turn back now! You’ve got to brave the walk to the very top and really appreciate the mysterious wonder of Lindos Acropolis. So, tighten your shoelaces and begin climbing the steep footpath to the very top. The walk to the top shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. But, remember it’s very hot in Greece, especially in the summer. So, pack some water and a cap to give you some extra shade from the hot sun.

At the top, pat yourself on the back and continue your exploration of the ancient ruins. Or, have a rest and enjoy the panoramic views across the golden bay. When you’re ready to do some more exploring, head to the Temple of Athena and soak up its beauty. It was once the most highly regarded and respected places of worship in the ancient world.

Stroll around the village

If you’re visiting Lindos Acropolis as a day trip, why not enjoy a leisurely walk around the village beneath the ruins? The winding cobbled streets offer a wealth of whitewashed buildings. You’ll also discover a selection of old churches and an array of Greek restaurants. After all the walking you did around Acropolis, you’ve more than earned yourself a delicious meal. Dine in one of the traditional tavernas or grab a coffee in the local café.

If you’re in the mood to catch some sun, make your way to the Pallas Beach. Relax on the soft golden sands and cool down with a swim in the shallow waters along the lapping shoreline. If you’ve got the energy for it, why not have a go at some water sports while you’re here? You can enjoy a bit of windsurfing, sailing or even hop on a waterski-wakeboard. You can have a qualified instructor teach you any of the sports. If you’re visiting with the family, ask your instructor to suggest something for the kids.