Things to do in Lindos

The unspoilt village of Lindos is a peaceful haven of whitewashed buildings and cobbled streets. Your holiday here promises to provide rich cultural experiences, whether you’re making your way through the old streets, dining in the traditional tavernas, or exploring the ruins of the acropolis. It’s up to you to make it your own adventure, with a little help from us, of course!

You won’t want to miss out on the stunning stretch of coastline; there are plenty of things to do in Lindos. Pick your favourite beach, sit back and make the most of the beautiful sunshine, or take on water sports adventures; (how about windsurfing or water-skiing)? If you want to explore a little further, why not take a boat ride to nearby Pefkos? Or you could jump in the car and make the short journey over to Rhodes Town, (the historic island capital).

1. Explore the village
If you’re wondering what to do in Lindos, your first port of call is the historic village itself. You simply can’t miss it; this 2,000-year-old village is perched on the hillside, and it boasts intriguing blend of Byzantine and Turkish architecture. You’ll discover a wealth of whitewashed buildings, old churches and cobbled streets galore, which run down to the two stunning bays and pristine blue sea. There’s no shortage of Greek restaurants, pavement cafés and friendly tavernas here, and the welcoming atmosphere carries on long into the evening.

2. Climb to Lindos Acropolis
The ancient acropolis is the jewel in Lindos’ crown. This magnificent structure dates all the way back to the 6th century, and it towers over the village to provide a breath-taking backdrop to the village. If you’ve brave enough to walk to the top, you can make your way up the steep footpath. But, however you get there, far-reaching views over Greece’s most photographed village and beyond await when you reach the top. This is one of the best things to do in Lindos.

3. Relax on the beach
Lindos is home to some of Rhodes’ most beautiful beaches and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular with locals and tourists alike. To the north, you’ll find Pallas Beach; this is a stunning arch of golden sand with sunbeds and umbrellas dotted along the shoreline. With Lindos Acropolis providing a dramatic backdrop, this is a spectacular place to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. You can try your hand at water sports here, too; just head to the local centre and ask about your options. A little further along the coast, there’s also St Paul’s Bay. This sheltered natural harbour is the place to go if you want to snorkel; you’ll see all kinds of colourful marine swimming beneath the surface.

4. Visit Rhodes Town
Rhodes Town, the beautiful island capital, is only an hour’s drive from Lindos. It’s up to you whether you drive or take the bus. Or you could even arrive via a sunny sailing trip. When you get there, you can expect to find a UNESCO-listed old town, cobbled passageways and a 14th century knights’ palace.

1. Lindos Nightlife

This may be a small town, but nightlife in Lindos has plenty to offer. During the day, the pretty town of Lindos keeps up a traditional appearance, with its ancient architecture
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2. Lindos Acropolis Greece

A holiday to Lindos wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ancient Acropolis, built on a hill top 100 metres above the main village. Gently work your way up the winding cobbled streets
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