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Temperatures in Parga are always high and pleasant throughout the year thanks to the region’s Mediterranean climate that brings long, hot summers and mild winters. Summer is the warmest time to visit with a daily average of 25°C between June and September. There’s plenty of sunshine during these months, with up to 13 hours of sunlight each day. Rainfall is low with no more than 20mm of rain in July and August but it gets wetter in September with up to 64mm of rain. If a heatwave hits during your stay, you can expect highs of up to 40°C.

Parga weather is in the low 20s in October and November with plenty of bright sunshine to enjoy per day. The climate cools towards winter and there’s a higher chance of rain, with around 187mm spread over November that increases to 190mm in December.

In spring, the weather in Parga dries and there’s just 50mm of rain per month. Temperatures have risen from just 9°C in January and February to the low-20s in April and May. You’ll also get to enjoy mild weather in the evening with cooling winds at night.

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