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Mykonos enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year, so you’re almost guaranteed great weather no matter when you travel. For warm weather that isn’t too hot or humid, visit in spring. There’s very little rain, with around 33mm per month. The temperatures start at around 12°C in March and increase steadily as the season progresses. April enjoys a daily average of 15°C that climbs to 19°C in May. Highs often reach up to 23°C, which is perfect beach weather.

Mykonos weather peaks in summer with the highest temperatures arriving in July and August. With up to 13 hours of sunlight a day, you have plenty of time to sightsee and get everything done that you’ve planned for your visit. The nights are warm with lows of 18°C to 21°C, so an evening stroll along beach or promenade is possible. Swimming in the sea is another enjoyable pastime in summer with an average sea temperature of 24°C and cooling sea breezes blowing into the coastal areas.

The weather in Mykonos drops to 22°C in October and 19°C in November. Rainfall increases in autumn and winter, reaching up to 170mm in November and around 135mm per month over winter. Cloud coverage is more likely which results in less sunshine per day. You can expect around nine hours of sunlight in autumn that gradually drops to six hours in January.

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