Lesbos – Weather

With its warm Mediterranean climate, Lesbos boasts continuous sunshine and heat throughout the year. The hottest months of the year are July and August, with a daily average of 26°C and scorching highs of 35°C. September has an average temperature of 23°C, which is still very warm and might be more suitable if you want to enjoy a cooler climate with fewer crowds on the beach. The weather in Lesbos is often influenced by cooling breezes blowing in from the sea, which helps to bring temperatures down in the evening.

You can look forward to 14 hours of sunlight a day in July that lowers to seven hours in October. There’s not much more than 38mm of rainfall a month between May and October with July and August seeing just 23mm of rain. December is the wettest month of the year, so you’ll need to prepare for the damp weather with an umbrella or raincoat.

Temperatures in Lesbos gradually drop throughout winter, starting at 12°C in December and falling to just 10°C in January. Springtime is warm with temperatures reaching the high-teens and low-20s by May.

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