Things to do in Lesbos

Lesbos is the ideal holiday destination for those wanting a relaxing yet cultural break from everyday life. There are plenty of beautiful and traditional Greek resorts to be explored across the island. All of which offer their own unique take on the history that makes Lesbos so special.

Visit the popular resort of Petra and climb up to the impressive church of Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss before watching the world go by at one of the stylish local tavernas. Soak up the incredible sights that surround the beautiful village of Molyvos from the top of the castle. Indulge in a spot of bird watching or explore the island’s stunning natural beauty. Don’t miss the ancient Petrified Forest or the famous thermal baths.

1. Mytilene Castle

Explore one of the largest castles in the Mediterranean with a visit to the ancient city of Mytilene. Dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, Mytilene Castle is located high on a hill
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2. Kalloni Salt Pans

Take a trip to Kalloni Salt Pans to experience a true birdwatcher’s paradise. From black and white storks to avocets, terns and egrets, there are a huge range of migratory and wading birds
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3. Ouzo Distillery Greece

Ouzo, the classic alcoholic drink of Greece, has particularly strong links with Lesbos. There are several distilleries on the island, even a small one right on your doorstep in Petra.
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5. Enjoy the Blue Flag beach

Petra beach is beautiful; people come here just to relax on the soft, golden sands and play in the clear, shallow water. It’s peaceful too, so you’ll love it if you like to stretch out
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8. Explore the Petrified Forest

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘petrified’ other than when watching a scary film, you might read this and wonder what is so great about a forest? Well a petrified forest is something completely different.
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9. Molyvos and the castle

The picturesque village of Molyvos is often said to be the most beautiful on the whole island of Lesbos. It’s well worth at least a day here to spend some time wandering along the quaint cobbled streets,
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