The picturesque island of Lesbos is the third biggest island in Greece and can also go by the name of Lesvos of Mytilini, after the capital. What makes Lesbos so appealing to its visitors is that despite the growing popularity of the many Greek islands as holiday destinations, it has still managed to maintain its authentic character and traditional charm. If you want a taste of the real Greece, then look no further than the island of Lesbos to give you all this and more.

Peaceful, traditional resorts

Mytilini is the ancient capital of Lesbos Island and well worth a look around. Steeped in history, it bears a similar resemblance to Athens. You’ll find lots to see and do in this exciting city, but the smaller villages of Lesbos have just as much to offer as their larger capital. The village of Petra is becoming a tourist magnet for all the right reasons, with its attractive pedestrianised centre and famous church perched atop a huge rock. And then the historical village of Molyvos is the epitome of Greek tradition and beauty.

Stunning scenery

Unlike many of the other, busier Greek islands, an afternoon spent on the beach in Lesbos will be a peaceful and relaxing affair. It’s not uncommon for there to be just a small handful of people on the island’s stunning golden beaches. Pure bliss. Venture further inland and you’ll find discover ancient petrified forests, lush green vegetation and mile upon mile of rural landscapes. Not to mention the classic Greek sight of olive trees growing in the warm sun.

Birdwatching paradise

The island of Lesbos has earned itself the reputation of being one of the best birdwatching destinations in all of Europe. If this is your type of thing then the best time of year to visit would be during the month of May. This is when the weather is perfect for being outdoors and you have more chance of spotting rare and beautiful species as migration is in full swing.