Lefkas is one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets and is often known as the ‘word of mouth’ island due to having fewer resort areas. Its elegant beaches, picturesque scenery and marvellous hiking trails make the island an excellent choice for families or couples seeking a summer escape to Greece. Formerly overlooked due to the lure of beach resorts in the more populous islands it’s beginning to establish itself as a peaceful retreat away from the Greek mainlands. Secluded beaches, authentic Greek tavernas and beautiful landscapes, there’s plenty to see and do on a trip to this stunning Greek island.

Beautiful beaches

Considered as some of the best beaches across the entire Mediterranean, the shores of Lefkas are beautiful, elegant and peaceful. Surrounded by striking landscapes and gentle blue waves the beaches attract travellers to their shores across all seasons. The most famous beaches are within Porto, Egremni and Kathisma and are great spots for windsurfing.

Nidri Town

Explore the lively Nidri Town on the east coast of Lefkas island. The town is a former fishing village bursting with tradition and natural charm. A stroll along the waterfront will reveal a number of authentic Greek tavernas infused with the flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy a mouth watering selection of Mezze and wash down your meal with a glass of wine from one of the local vineyards.

Explore Lefkas hiking

Striking scenery and fascinating cultural attractions can be discovered on a hiking trail across the island of Lefkas. Amongst the beautiful countryside and lush green valleys there are castles, monasteries and churches, each with its own story and unique historic significance. Exploring the island on foot you will be able to see the stunning picturesque views and unspoilt nature from the heart of the island’s terrain.