Kefalonia inspires thousands of holidaymakers to visit each year. The island’s picturesque landscapes and natural beauty makes it one of the most elegant destinations in all of the Ionian Islands. For many visitors exploring the pebbly coved bays, lush green forests and chalk white beaches are the most exciting attractions but that’s not all Kefalonia has to offer.

Its capital, Argostoli Town displays some fascinating cultural monuments including the Drapano Bridge and Nikos Kavvadias statue. It’s also great for shopping and has a lively town square. Don’t forget to save a day to sail across the mesmerising Melissani Lake. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may even wish to explore the Kefalonia coastline on a sea kayak.

2. Argostoli Town

Spend a day in Argostoli Town shopping for souvenirs or wine tasting at the local tavernas. Stroll along the harbour side, soak up the atmosphere in the lively town square and dine at the local restaurants.
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3. Sea kayaking

Master the waves and learn how to glide across the Ionian Sea in a Kayak. Holidays are all about having new experiences and Sea Kayaking is a unique way to explore Kefalonia.
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