Lassi – Weather

Lassi is a beautiful Greek island with mild weather lasting throughout the year. Winter is the coldest and wettest season, with daily averages ranging from 5°C to highs of 13°C. January is the coldest month but December is the wettest with up to 115mm of rain spread over 12 days. Cloud coverage is more likely at this time of year, which means there’s less sunshine per day with around six to seven hours.

Lassi weather warms up in late-March with highs of 14°C. As the months progress, temperatures begin to improve and you can expect an average high of 18°C by May. You’ll have 12 hours of sunlight per day and just a few light showers per month.

Temperatures in Lassi peak in summer, which enjoys 14 hours of warm sunshine per day and highs of 29°C. Daily averages are generally around 23°C to 26°C, which is perfect weather to explore the lush countryside and relaxing on the golden beach. Sea temperatures are mild at 26°C in July and August, making it an ideal time to hit the water with some water sports and swimming.

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