The currency in Greece is the Euro.

You’ve got a range of options for changing money either before you leave or in your resort. Cash is preferred by many businesses, but make sure you have  a range of denominations. One of the easiest ways of getting your cash for your trip is to order your money online from You can arrange to have your Greece currency delivered to your home (free on orders over £500), or use our reserve and collect service to make things simple when you pop in to town for those last-minute holiday essentials. Cards are accepted in larger resorts, but the fees charged by banks make things hard on the independent businesses, so cash is always welcome.

Because we’ve got so much experience sorting out the perfect holidays for our customers, we understand that a mix of cash and card gives a bit more security, so Lyk, our travel money card is a great choice. You can pre-load it so there’s no nasty bills, making it easier to budget. If anything unexpected does happen we offer 24-hour assistance. It works just like a debit card (but without the hidden fees) so you can withdraw small amounts of Greek currency as and when you need it. You can top-up your card, commission-free, if you need to, and conveniently manage your account online.

It’s handy to take a credit card for emergencies, but do a bit of research before you go so you know what charges you might incur. Make a note of the card providers’ number too, so you know who to contact if your card is lost or stolen, and it’s always worth letting them know you’re going away so they don’t see transactions abroad as suspicious.

Whether you choose to order cash from us, or to cover all options with a mix of cash and Lyk travel money card, if you’ve any questions about currency in Greece, pop in to your local Thomas Cook store, give us a call, or chat using our live chat service.