The vibrant metropolis of Heraklion is the capital city of Crete and the 5th largest city in all of Greece. Your holiday here can be as relaxing or as lively as you want: you could spend your days discovering some of the wonders of ancient Greece, wandering around beautiful ruins or lazing in the sun at the lovely beaches. With its picturesque scenery and on-the-go atmosphere, you can understand why people visit here, for a blend of culture and history with modern and fun experiences.

Food and drink

Heraklion has an array of eateries, from upbeat cafés in the main square to authentic tavernas down some of the narrow side streets, so be sure to savour the taste of the city’s delicacies such as the salads, pies and cheeses. As Heraklion has a number of wineries in the surrounding villages, you’ll be able to sample some of the local wines in the more traditional restaurants, which will compliment your meal perfectly. You’ll also be able to pick up some of these specialities from open-air markets. They’re the best place to hunt for souvenirs, where you can pick up wine, honey, dried herbs and tea and of course some of the famous olive oil.

Bustling nightlife

The city comes alive after dark with plenty of lively places to choose from. The majority of Heraklion’s nightlife is found along the harbour where you’ll find trendy bars and clubs, with some hosting DJs in the summer months. Don’t forget the party resort of Malia is also close by if you want to experience its buzzing atmosphere and some of the legendary foam parties. If big nights out aren’t your thing, there are cosy tavernas playing live music dotted all around. You can also join in the celebrations of summer festivals with music, theatre and ballet performances taking place on dates throughout the year.