Take to the water

Elounda may seem like a quiet little place compared to the bigger resorts on other Greek islands, but there’s actually lots to do here. The marina is superb, with a variety of boat trips available. How about booking a place on a fishing trip to see if you can land a big one? Or you could step aboard a yacht for a more luxurious cruise with views of the rocky coastline. If you fancy seeing what’s going on beneath the sparkling waves, check in at the scuba diving centre to take a peek at the local sealife.

For a different kind of water fun, head out to the huge Acqua Plus waterpark. You’ll get there in less than an hour by car, and you’ll be rewarded with an exciting array of slides, pools, a lazy river and a kids’ water playground. Waterpark junkies will be pleased to hear it’s just one of several on Crete.