Sidari – Weather

Like most destinations in Greece, Sidari enjoys hot and sunny weather for most of the year. Summers enjoy sunshine for up to 11 hours in June, 12 hours in July and 10 hours in August. If you’re worried about the heat in summer.  The region enjoys northwest winds that blow through Sidari throughout the summer, bringing a refreshing breeze to the shore which helps keep the weather comfortable. Temperatures are around 28°C from June to September but often peak as high as 31°C in July and August. Low humidity levels allow for long days spent enjoying the warm sunshine on the beach. The water is mild in summer with an average sea temperature of 24°C.

Autumn weather in Sidari is mild and sunny with temperatures ranging from 19°C and 23°C. At night, you’ll need to take a jacket outside with you as temperatures fall to lows of 10°C.

When winter arrives, Sidari weather cools to 14°C with chilly lows of just 5°C in January. Rainfall is a concern in autumn and winter, with a monthly average of 180mm. Cold winds are likely in the evening, often sending temperatures in Sidari plummeting at night, which is when you’ll need to wear a jacket to keep warm.

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