Just like the rest of Greece, the currency in Corfu is the Euro. You’ll find plenty of ATMs throughout the main towns on the island, but it’s useful to have a small amount of cash before you leave, so you don’t spend the first few hours of your holiday looking for a bank or ATM. There are several ways to get your Corfu currency. You can go into any of our stores, order online for delivery to your home (it’s free with orders over £500), or use our reserve and collect service to make sure you don’t waste any time queuing when you’re doing those last-minute preparations.

Pre-Paid Travel Cards

A mix of cash and card gives you a little extra security and convenience. You’ll find your debit or credit card is accepted in many places, but cash is often preferred and helps keep things simple for independent businesses. It’s worth investigating what your bank charges for transactions abroad too, as these fees can mount up and give you a nasty shock at the end of your holiday. A super-simple option is a pre-paid travel card such as Lyk. Just like other prepaid cards it can be loaded with cash before you leave and is easily topped up while you’re away. It can be used to withdraw cash from most ATMs for a flat fee, and will be accepted in some larger stores. You’ve got the convenience of being able to manage your account online, and the back-up of 24-hour support. Combined with a bit of cash in your pocket when you land, it’s an easy way to access currency in Corfu.

Thomas Cook Stores

Whether you want to take cash, card or a mix, we’ve got all the solutions you need for Corfu currency so pop in, give us a call, or chat online and we’ll make sure you’re ready to enjoy Corfu in style.