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Arillas weather is very mild in the winter with hotter temperatures arriving in late spring and early summer. With its location on the Greek island of Corfu, Arillas is a very popular destination all year-round with little wind, clear skies, and glorious hot weather. The warmest temperatures in Arillas are seen in July and August, with temperatures reaching highs of 30°C. The warm weather is controlled by cooling winds blowing in from the Ionian Sea, helping to keep temperatures and humidity levels from rising to uncomfortable levels.

The weather in Arillas gets colder in autumn with an average temperature of 18°C. There’s still a lot of sunshine and the sun doesn’t set until 7.25pm, giving you 11 hours of daylight. The crystal-clear waters surrounding Arillas are warm enough for swimming in autumn and are around 21°C for most of October before lowering to 15°C in winter.

Winter is quite wet with 14 rainy days per month and an average monthly rainfall of 45mm. Temperatures drop to 13°C in January, which is the coldest month of the year. Things improve in April and May, with temperatures rising to 19°C in Arillas. Humidity levels are around 72% with up to 13 hours of sunshine each day. It’s a great time to visit the region if you prefer cooler weather with mild evenings and fewer crowds than the summer.

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