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Weather and climate

Temperature: 13-30 °C

Arillas’ warm summer can last for up to six months, with average temperatures in the mid-20s (°C) throughout the season. Expect the weather in July and August to be the hottest, when it rises to a sizzling 27°C. If you like it a little cooler, visit in early spring or late autumn; it’s still sunny but temperatures are usually in the mid-teens. 

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Arillas is best for…

Beach lovers: The resort is home to some of Corfu’s most beautiful beaches, with water sports like wakeboarding and banana boats on hand for more adventurous visitors.

Families: As well as playing in the sand and swimming in the sea, kids will love fish spotting on a glass-bottom boat tour and splashing around at the nearby waterpark.

Couples: Pretty beaches, easy-going tavernas, and romantic sailing trips; what more could you want from a couples’ getaway? 

More about Arillas

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Fast facts

Language: The language spoken is Greek.

Currency: The currency used is the Euro (€).

Local time: Arillas is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Corfu International Airport. Transfers to Arillas take about 2.5 hours. 

Flights time from UK: The flight time to Arillas is 3 hours.

Tourist information: You can find further tourist information at

Visa / health: Before you travel, check out for recommendations and advice on visas and health for your Arillas holidays

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  • Getting around

    By bus: Corfu’s cheap bus service is perfect for day trips. The local bus stops at Arillas en route to Corfu Town many times a day.  

    By taxi: Licensed taxis are widely available in Corfu, and they tend to run on a meter. It’s a good option for airport transfers, and you can either book in advance or pick one up at a taxi rank.

    By car: You’ll find lots of car hire companies on the island, and driving is the best way to explore Corfu at leisure from your base. 


    Gastronomy festival: The annual Beer and Gastronomy Festival is a highlight of the year in this part of the world, held for three days every October. Festival-goers can sample the goods of the village’s very own Corfu Microbrewery, as well as local olive oil, honey and more.

    Wine festival: Prefer wine? Head for the annual Arillas Wine Festival, which takes place every September. It’s a celebration of traditional wine making, with the grapes arriving on a donkey before you’re invited to stomp them in a big barrel. Wine tasting is free, so you can drink it by the carafe with a side of traditional Greek souvlakia.