Kotu Beach – Weather

Kotu Beach weather is usually very hot and sunny throughout the year, which makes it a great holiday destination year-round. However, its location in Gambia means the region experiences two distinct seasons that may influence when you choose to visit. The dry season begins in November, bringing warm temperatures and very little rainfall to the area.

Temperatures in Kotu Beach in November is around 37°C, which is very hot with temperatures rarely dropping below 27°C. The Atlantic Sea is mild and enjoyable for swimming with an average water temperature of 27°C. Humidity levels are around 61% with 10mph winds bringing relief from the intense African heat. The hot and dry weather remains through winter with an average temperature of 35°C in January. In winter, the sun rises at 7.35am and sets at around 7pm, giving you a full day of pleasant sunshine to enjoy. UV levels are high throughout the year, so pack sun cream and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day.

The wet season typically starts in June with a hot and humid climate paired with rain showers. The weather in Kotu Beach is very hot in the summer, with temperatures reaching highs of 34°C in July and September. The average monthly rainfall is around 141mm in July that increases to 178mm towards September.

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