Things to do in Kotu Beach

Spend your time enjoying the peaceful setting of Kotu Beach whilst taking the opportunity to experience traditional Gambian culture through exciting things to do. Explore the surrounding villages and learn how to paint or visit the vibrant craft markets to see artists at work and to purchase handcrafted jewellery.

1. Day trip to Kololi village

Take a 10 minute drive to the picturesque, neighbouring village of Kololi to experience the countries traditional culture. The village has an array of bars and restaurants for you to enjoy both day and night,
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2. Play Golf in Kotu

The warm and dry Gambian weather means that Kotu Beach is the ideal destination for a spot of golf. There’re several clubs within walking distance from Kotu’s main strip with two popular clubs less than a half an hour walk away.
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3. Visit the Senegambia Craft Market

Within walking distance, is the vibrant Senegambia Craft Market where you’ll be able to browse locally crafted souvenirs and trinkets. It was founded in the early 1980s and has over 60 craft stalls with street food nearby.
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